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FND Hope

Today is FND awareness day.  I was diagnosed with FND, and I believe it was caused by my rare disease Mollaret’s Meningitis.  It has been a huge struggle trying to access apprpriate care for this condition for several reasons.


  • There is not much research into this disease.
  • There are only a few facilities in the United States that have programs to treat this condition because it is so complex.
  • Insurance is hesitant to pay for it because it is not in my local area.
  • We don’t have the funds living on social security disability to pay for expenses to get me to the treatment even if insurance will cover it.

Please look at the following website for information regarding FND provided by FND Hope.


You can also learn more about this disease at and


Please help us spread the word so we can get more answers into this misunderstood disease.