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Giving Tuesday 2016

Below are some of the organizations that have helped me along my health journey.  Please consider supporting some or all of them.  Thanks!

Rare Disease (Mollaret’s Meningitis)

  • Global Genes
    • Is helping our Mollaret’s Meningitis Support Group organize to hopefully get more research done in the future.
  • National Organization for Rare Disorders
    • They helped me find some resources when I first found out about my Mollaret’s Meningitis.  They do advocacy for rare disease in the US.
  • Meningitis Now
    • They helped me find resources when I first found out about my Mollaret’s Meningitis too.  They do advocacy for meningitis in the UK.
  • Center for Chronic Illness
    • They helped me try to navigate the mental health industry to get treatment with my chronic illnesses.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Functional Neurological Disorder

  • FND Hope
    • After being diagnosed with nonepileptic seizures, I was told I might have FND.  I also was given a probably diagnosis of FND in one of my neuropsychological testings.  They have helped me determine I need to research further into my physical illnesses and their relation to my symptoms before pushing for the full FND diagnosis.


  • Realm of Caring
    • Realm of Caring is advocating for medical cannabis in the US to help people have better access to safer treatments. They helped me find CBD hemp oil that has helped my seizures and do it legally.

Thank you for considering supporting these organizations that have supported me.

Life’s Hard; Be Kind