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We use 1Password Family to store all of our important information. Whether it is for personal, family, business, etc. it is all in one location, but in different vaults with different access to make sure only the correct people have access to the information. It is an invaluable tool I can’t imagine going without anymore.

Action Trackchair

After I was paralyzed for years with my periodic paralysis, we figured we needed to find a way for me to get outside and participate in life more easily. We discovered all-terrain wheelchairs, and specifically found the Action Trackchairs. We couldn’t afford one, but were able to find Chive Charities that purchased one for us to help me have a 10% better quality of life, and it worked by giving me more than that.

If you are in need of an all-terrain wheelchair, I highly recommend Action Trackchair!


My wife uses Cloudflare to secure her online assets for her business, including domains, websites, etc. They are a solid content delivery network (CDN) with many services at the free level to help you be able to have good protections whether you can afford it or not. One of the main services they provide is helping you get your website on https for free. Check out how you can do that for free from Troy Hunt here.


We were long-time Apple Airport users because of the simplicity of their routers. We had been looking at mesh routers for a long time, and had been watching Eero for a while since they came out with their crowdfunding campaign, but the cost just was too much. Then Apple announced they were no longer going to be making new routers and going to eventually stop supporting the current devices.

That is when we were able to get a discounted rate by looking around and made the switch to Eero and haven’t looked back. It has been the most stable router we have ever owned and their support has been great when we have rarely needed to use them.

I also recommend considering the Eero Plus service. It is defintely worth the price, especially considering it comes with 1Password (which I already recommended above),, and Malwarebytes.


We have been using Evernote for a long time now. It has been a great note taking app, and I always end up coming back. I have tried other apps like OneNote, Apple Notes, Google Keep, and nothing ever matches up and I always end up coming back. If you need a quality note taking app, then Evernote is the place for you.

Have I Been Pwned?

Have I Been Pwned? is a website run by Troy Hunt one of the top cybersecurity experts in the world. It is project he runs on the side to just help people better understand if they have been included in a breach. If you sign up with you email address(es), then you will get alerts when your address(es) show up in future breaches that he becomes aware of. When you sign up it will also tell you if you have been in any he is already aware of. It is so popular that many larger companies and services are using it to better inform their users as well.

I highly recommend you sign up for this free service to help better protect yourself online today!

PhaseCore Cooling Vests

Due to my multitude of health issues I have trouble regulated my core temperature. Once we figured out this was an issue we started trying to figure out ways to cool me down. Almost all of the things we found were for warm weather environments and required you to get them wet so you could only use them outdoors and on warm days. Then I found PhaseCore cooling vests from FirstLine Technology.

This is a game changer. The technology they use does not require getting anything wet, or any cooling required. To recharge them you just have to leave them in room temperature for a few hours and then they will be ready to go again. They start cooling once they tell your body temperature is slightly raised so you never feel them get cold and they just keep you at a normal temperature instead of causing temperature swings. There are times they feel cold, but that means I have gone too long before using it and I am too hot.

I can’t say how highly I recommend this product for anyone with temperature regulation issues.

Savvy Coop

I am a founding member of Savvy Coop called a Savvy Pioneer. I don’t even remember exactly how I heard of Savvy, but I do remember what I liked about it. I got the opportunity to have my voice heard in the medical field and get paid for my insights. After hearing a pitch like that, how could I pass it up! Especially with my complicated medical history.

You don’t even have to have any diseases to participate. Healthy people can be just as helpful to the coop and patient voice, so please consider joining to share your voice today!


All of our websites are hosted with Siteground and have been for many years. They have been one of the most stable hosting providers we have ever used, and they have great support. If we ever have any issues, or questions, we just chat in and a knowledgeable agent is there within minutes to help us.

They have very cheap plans when you first sign up, so if you are going to be needing hosting long term get the longest term available on the first go because the cost does go up after that. The prices are still worth it for the quaility and reliability, but just be aware of that.

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